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Listen to your heart

Eh oui, la guerre sévit, les colères grondent et les «raisins de la colère» murissent vitesse grand V, mais dans le monde émergent des libertés nouvelles et j’ai envie de vous dire que la beauté et la tendresse toujours peuvent nous bercer, avec la force et la joie, regardez cette vidéo et laissez-vous porter par la douceur d’un monde originel, le nôtre que nous prenons si peu le temps d’aimer…



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10 Juillet 2014 par Stella
10 Juillet 2014 par Stella
10 Juillet 2014 par Stella
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10 Juillet 2014 par redaction
10 Juillet 2014 par Stella
10 Juillet 2014 par Stella
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ecole chair

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L'érotisme dans un journal sérieux ?

Certainement, car la sexualité fait autant tourner le monde que l'économie.

Nouvelles, grands classiques de la littérature, mais aussi reportages et web-expos, vous êtes sur le seuil de notre rubrique lubrique.


Tu me voulais tienne, je me suis voulue soumise

Par Marie Panon

Cliquez, judicieusement...




30 Décembre 2015 par Christian Duteil


La Meilleure Pub au monde

Regardez, c'est génial


Diabète Mag N°17

Le N°17, Vient de paraître
Chez votre Marchand de Journaux

Codif : L13013


Prévenir, Comprendre, et Mieux vivre avec le Diabète


Au sommaire vous trouverez :

- Diabète : la fin d’un mythe

- Cholestérol - Diabète et les margarines

- Le Chrome limite de stockage des sucres

- Les complications du Diabète

- seul face à un infarctus

– comprendre l’anévrisme

- l’utilisation de la «metformine»

- Le matériel de sport au domicile

- Desserts allégés

- Gros dossier: Mincir de plaisir, des menus type.

- Quiches light – sauces allégées – saveurs de la mer 

- le lait végétal – les confipotes à faire

Nutrition :

-       le foie, source de fer – tout sur la moutarde

-       Fruits et légumes d’automne

-       Les vertus des baies de Goji

Un N° 17, Complet, pour une vie pleine de bonnes résolutions.

DIABETE MAGAZINE , chez votre marchand de journaux.

Inclus: Le Diabétique Gourmand, des recettes goûteuses et light.

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Royaume Uni

Essential poll finds two-thirds believe government more interested in protecting itself than women. Follow all the latest news and updates, live • ‘She was a very credible person,’ says friend of woman who claims minister raped her in 1988 • Richard Ackland: Should we know the name of the alleged cabinet-level rapist in Canberra?• Australia’s Covid vaccine tracker: when will you get your jab?• Follow the global Covid liveblog 12.28am GMT A Holocaust museum is set to be established in Tasmania, with the support of the state government, the federal treasurer says. A privilege to join Holocaust survivors & parliamentary...
Senate to take up Covid relief bill this week, says SchumerJen Psaki: Biden doesn’t plan to overrule Senate parliamentarianCDC director warns of potential ‘fourth surge’ in Covid casesDHS secretary: Trump ‘dismantled immigration system in its entirety’Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine to roll out within 48 hoursSign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email 12.29am GMT The World Health Organization is now officially advising against the use of hydroxychloroquine, a drug promoted by the Trump Administration as a Covid treatment, ABC News reports. A panel of experts said Monday that there was “high certainty evidence” that the anti-inflammatory...
Unrealistic to think pandemic will be over this year, says WHO; French and German authorities fighting to convince people that AstraZeneca jab is effective; number of new infections globally rose last weekTwitter targets vaccine misinformation with labels and ‘strike’ systemOne Pfizer or Oxford jab ‘significantly’ prevents hospitalisation in elderlyCDC chief warns of ‘potential fourth surge’ and urges US to keep rulesSee all our coronavirus coverage 12.21am GMT Former US president Donald Trump and former first lady Melania Trump were quietly given a coronavirus vaccine in January, CNN reports. It is unknown which vaccine they received or how many doses they...
Book extract: lockdowns may have had an anti-baby boom effect in some parts, but Kiwis appear to have made the most of close quartersOne of the early observations made by internet wags was the prediction that nine months after lockdown there would be a baby boom. The theory goes that suddenly being forced to spend weeks at home would ignite the passions of those interned in a way that a normal Saturday night on the couch watching reruns of Friends might not.The “Covid baby boom” was predicted to be like the period after the second world war, where soldiers returning...
Data from EY highlights last-minute transfers in order to hold on to European business City firms revealed in the final months of 2020 that they planned to shift nearly £100bn in assets to the EU, taking the total value of assets lost to the bloc since the Brexit vote to £1.3 trillion, according to a new survey.The data from consulting group EY pointed to a last-minute push by firms before 31 December after the UK-EU trade deal did not offer concessions for the UK’s dominant financial services sector. It forced companies to move staff and assets to the continent in...
State department ‘not in a position to detail the identity’ of those on list as US under heavy criticism for failure to sanction Saudi heirThe US state department has refused to say whether Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is one of the Saudi officials subject to US visa restrictions under the new “Khashoggi ban”.The ban is named after the Saudi dissident and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, whose murder and dismemberment in 2018 was approved by the crown prince, according to a US intelligence assessment declassified on Friday. Continue reading...
On social media, Ryan Fischer says ‘healing still needs to happen’ after he was attacked while walking three dogsLady Gaga’s dog walker, who was shot last week during a robbery in Hollywood when two of the singer’s French bulldogs were stolen, has described the violence and his recovery “from a very close call with death” in social media posts on Monday.Ryan Fischer’s posts included pictures taken from his hospital bed, where he says a “lot of healing still needs to happen” but he looks forward to reuniting with the dogs. Continue reading...
Small businesses will receive help in Wednesday’s budget to boost tech and management skillsThe bosses of small businesses are to be invited back to school to brush up on their management skills, under plans to be announced in the budget designed to help close Britain’s productivity gap with rival nations.As part of the attempt to speed up the UK’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, will unveil a “help to grow” scheme that will offer the leaders of up to 130,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) the chance of MBA-style management training. Continue reading...
Independent Rex Patrick moves after similar parliamentary motions passed in Canada and the NetherlandsAn Australian senator will seek support from fellow upper house members to recognise China’s treatment of the Uighur Muslim minority as genocide, after similar parliamentary motions passed in Canada and the Netherlands.The proposed motion – placed on the Senate’s notice paper for 15 March – looms as a test for the major parties at a time when Australia should join the international community in taking a stand, according to the South Australian independent senator Rex Patrick. Continue reading...
Torstar, which owns more than 70 papers, to launch gaming app to ‘support the growth and expansion of quality journalism’As advertising revenues dry up and the outlook for print newspapers looks increasingly bleak, publishers around the world are constantly hunting for new and innovative ways to fund costly journalism. Related: Why Toronto is taking action against a carpenter amid its homelessness crisis Continue reading...



Tango argentin… et maternité!


Dieu que c’est beau une femme qui danse, et les rondeurs de maternités visibles à l’œil, n’enlèvent rien à la grâce des mouvements et des corps, peut-être même qu’elles rajoutent une sorte de sensualité à la beauté, et l’on va jusqu’à oublier devant les jeux de jambes et les hanches qui bougent, que ces femmes qui dansent le tango comme des amoureuses, sont enceintes de plusieurs mois parfois.

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causedesfemmes droite

Les femmes sont magnifiques et la grâce insoumise !

Par Louise Gaggini


Je devrais vous parler politique et économie, Corée du Nord, Poutine, Hollande, mais je n’ai qu’une envie c’est de parler des femmes, qui en ce mois de mars sont mises à l’honneur, un jour, un seul pour dire ce qu’il en est de nous, de nos filles, de nos grand-mères, de nos sœurs…

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Ma chaîne de théâtreluccini

Fabrice Luchini & Pierre Arditi

dans Art de Y.Reza

au Théâtre





democratie israel


Prendre soin de ses jambes




01uneusa 180



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munitions littéraires

Inferno ou l'enfer de Dante

de Dan Brown



Dan Brown mêle avec brio l’histoire, l’art, les codes et les symboles. En retrouvant ses thèmes favoris, Dan Brown a certainement construit l’un de ses romans les plus stupéfiants, au cœur des grands enjeux de notre époque.

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POUR ou CONTRE le vote des étrangers

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30 Décembre 2015 par redaction
30 Décembre 2015 par redaction

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