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Listen to your heart

Eh oui, la guerre sévit, les colères grondent et les «raisins de la colère» murissent vitesse grand V, mais dans le monde émergent des libertés nouvelles et j’ai envie de vous dire que la beauté et la tendresse toujours peuvent nous bercer, avec la force et la joie, regardez cette vidéo et laissez-vous porter par la douceur d’un monde originel, le nôtre que nous prenons si peu le temps d’aimer…



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10 Juillet 2014 par Stella
10 Juillet 2014 par Stella
10 Juillet 2014 par Stella
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ecole chair

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L'érotisme dans un journal sérieux ?

Certainement, car la sexualité fait autant tourner le monde que l'économie.

Nouvelles, grands classiques de la littérature, mais aussi reportages et web-expos, vous êtes sur le seuil de notre rubrique lubrique.


Tu me voulais tienne, je me suis voulue soumise

Par Marie Panon

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30 Décembre 2015 par Christian Duteil


La Meilleure Pub au monde

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Diabète Mag N°17

Le N°17, Vient de paraître
Chez votre Marchand de Journaux

Codif : L13013


Prévenir, Comprendre, et Mieux vivre avec le Diabète


Au sommaire vous trouverez :

- Diabète : la fin d’un mythe

- Cholestérol - Diabète et les margarines

- Le Chrome limite de stockage des sucres

- Les complications du Diabète

- seul face à un infarctus

– comprendre l’anévrisme

- l’utilisation de la «metformine»

- Le matériel de sport au domicile

- Desserts allégés

- Gros dossier: Mincir de plaisir, des menus type.

- Quiches light – sauces allégées – saveurs de la mer 

- le lait végétal – les confipotes à faire

Nutrition :

-       le foie, source de fer – tout sur la moutarde

-       Fruits et légumes d’automne

-       Les vertus des baies de Goji

Un N° 17, Complet, pour une vie pleine de bonnes résolutions.

DIABETE MAGAZINE , chez votre marchand de journaux.

Inclus: Le Diabétique Gourmand, des recettes goûteuses et light.

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Royaume Uni

Indigenous affairs minister says the issue is ‘not something that comes up at all’ when he visits Aboriginal communitiesThe Indigenous Affairs minister, Nigel Scullion, says no Indigenous Australian has told him the date of Australia Day should be changed other than a single government adviser.Speaking on the ABC’s AM program on Friday, Scullion was asked about comments this week from the government adviser Chris Sarra that the date was dividing the nation and ought to be changed. Continue reading...
Patricia Dagorn claimed she had ‘deep friendship’ with elderly men she seduced and poisonedA French woman nicknamed the ‘Black Widow of the Cote d’Azur’ has been jailed for 22 years for the murder of two elderly men.Patricia Dagorn was described as a “perverse narcissist” who was “venal and unscrupulous” in the Nice court where she was accused of killing two men she had seduced, and poisoning two others “with premeditation”. Continue reading...
Labour PM says deputy Winston Peters will take over for six weeks when baby is born in JuneNew Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, has announced she is pregnant with her first child.Ardern, who was sworn in to office in October, said in a Facebook post that she and her partner, Clarke Gayford, are expecting in June. Continue reading...
Prescriptions have jumped 700% among US women in their late 20s, raising concerns amid questions over drugs’ safety during pregnancyPrescriptions for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medications have increased 700% among US women in their late 20s since 2003, according to new research by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.Researchers raised alarms about the increase because “little information is available about the safety of taking ADHD medication during pregnancy”. Continue reading...
Pope Francis married two members of cabin crew in a wedding on a flight taking the pontiff and his entourage between two Chilean cities. Paula Podest, 39, and Carlos Ciuffardi, 41, had been married in a civil service but their planned religious ceremony was scotched when an earthquake in 2010 almost destroyed their parish church in the Chilean capital, Santiago.Wing and a prayer: pope marries couple on plane over Chile Continue reading...
Police confirm Bennett, his wife and four others were killed in crashBennett was called sharpest thorn in the side of Robert MugabeRoy Bennett, a prominent Zimbabwean opposition figure, has been killed with his wife in a helicopter crash in the US state of New Mexico.Local police confirmed Bennett’s death on Thursday, a day after a helicopter carrying him and five others went down in a mountainous rural area of northern New Mexico. Continue reading...
Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Theresa May’s press conference with Emmanuel MacronWhat Macron said to May about Brexit - Key quote and analysisSummary 8.01pm GMT I think the City of London will continue to be a major global financial centre. That is an advantage not just for the UK, it’s actually good for Europe and good for the global financial system.Un nouveau traité, le traité de Sandhurst, permettra d’améliorer la coopération pour gérer notre frontière commune. #UKFRSummit pic.twitter.com/hIPFtotg7lUn point important du traité de Sandhurst : la réduction des délais pour le traitement des mineurs...
Britain's Prince Harry and his American fiancee, Meghan Markle, visited Wales on their third official joint appearance since announcing their engagement last November. Hundreds of people greeted them in Cardiff, waving Welsh flags emblazoned with red dragons. During their visit, the couple watched performances from Welsh musicians and poets inside the historic castle, and visited Star Hub, a community and leisure centre that works with local youths. In May, Markle is due to wed Harry, who is fifth in line to the British throne Continue reading...
Navdeep Bains says his country’s excuses for not hiring women as leaders is ‘a bunch of bullshit’The Canadian minister responsible for science and economic development has described attempts to justify the lack of diversity in the country’s corporate leadership as “bullshit”.Navdeep Bains, Canada’s minister of innovation, science and economic development, made the comments during a meeting with law students at the University of Windsor. Continue reading...
Health agency creates conscience and religious freedom divisionTrump administration move may affect abortion and LGBT rightsThe Trump administration is creating an office to protect the religious rights of medical providers, including those who may oppose abortion or transgender rights, in a decision that is likely to be a lightning rod for controversy.The new “division for conscience and religious freedom” in the US Health and Human Services Agency will defend healthcare workers who, on religious grounds, refuse to treat patients or take part in procedures. The division will be part of the agency’s Office for Civil Rights. Continue reading...
In April this year student Ione Wells published a powerful open letter to the teenager who sexually assaulted her as she walked home in Camden, north London. Waiving her right to anonymity, Ms Wells, 20, who is studying at the University of Oxford, described the impact of the attack, directly addressing her assailant in the letter.
Labour risks putting off a generation of women from getting involved with the party because of its sexist and abusive activists who troll them online, Yvette Cooper will warn.
When Rodney Leach was a young classics tutor at Oxford, he started the Oxford-Hungarian relief fund, helping refugees oppressed by the Russian invasion of 1956.
The bitter feud between Hewlett-Packard and former executives of Autonomy took another twist yesterday after two ex-directors of the British tech company claimed HP knew recorded revenue growth would be warped after the takeover.
Stand by, Rotherham. Watch out, Walsall. By venturing as far afield as the north-west city of Urumqi on his trip to China this week, George Osborne hopes that Chinese dignitaries jetting into London next month will follow his lead and venture off the track normally beaten on state visits.
The chief executive of HSS, the UK’s largest tool-hire company, quit yesterday after a torrid six months marked  by a string of profit warnings and 70 per cent collapse in the share price.
Encouraging growth figures from the world’s biggest economy cheered global stock markets yesterday as the Federal Reserve’s chair Janet Yellen said the US was strong enough to fend off the recent turmoil.
Jeremy Corbyn is set to use his first conference speech as Labour leader to apologise on behalf of his party for taking Britain into war in Iraq.
A rare confluence of a lunar eclipse and a supermoon set to happen this weekend has prompted such widespread fear of an impending apocalypse that the Mormon Church was compelled to issue a statement cautioning its members to not believe the end of the world is near.
The director of TV drama Wolf Hall, Peter Kosminsky, has revealed he had “a row” with the Culture Secretary on Thursday over the future of the BBC.



Tango argentin… et maternité!


Dieu que c’est beau une femme qui danse, et les rondeurs de maternités visibles à l’œil, n’enlèvent rien à la grâce des mouvements et des corps, peut-être même qu’elles rajoutent une sorte de sensualité à la beauté, et l’on va jusqu’à oublier devant les jeux de jambes et les hanches qui bougent, que ces femmes qui dansent le tango comme des amoureuses, sont enceintes de plusieurs mois parfois.

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causedesfemmes droite

Les femmes sont magnifiques et la grâce insoumise !

Par Louise Gaggini


Je devrais vous parler politique et économie, Corée du Nord, Poutine, Hollande, mais je n’ai qu’une envie c’est de parler des femmes, qui en ce mois de mars sont mises à l’honneur, un jour, un seul pour dire ce qu’il en est de nous, de nos filles, de nos grand-mères, de nos sœurs…

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Ma chaîne de théâtreluccini

Fabrice Luchini & Pierre Arditi

dans Art de Y.Reza

au Théâtre





democratie israel


Prendre soin de ses jambes




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munitions littéraires

Inferno ou l'enfer de Dante

de Dan Brown



Dan Brown mêle avec brio l’histoire, l’art, les codes et les symboles. En retrouvant ses thèmes favoris, Dan Brown a certainement construit l’un de ses romans les plus stupéfiants, au cœur des grands enjeux de notre époque.

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POUR ou CONTRE le vote des étrangers

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30 Décembre 2015 par redaction

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